• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Some Miscellaneous Testimony
Concerning Brother Zhanxiang Liu’s Service
in Hualien and Taitung

From 1981 until now, I have been in Hualien for thirty-four years, therefore having a considerably profound knowledge of the propagation of the Lord’s recovery in eastern part of Taiwan. Although I have never seen brother Zhanxiang Liu, I know from the saints’ testimony that he was one of the pioneers propagating in eastern part of Taiwan. He had come here three times. And the last time he came here should be around 1968, then he returned to Taipei to recuperate when he suffered a stroke. I got the knowledge of brother Liu’s walk from saints’ testimony:

a. He was a humble person, laboring diligently to serve, visiting saints from house to house, and lowering his shoulders to bear the burden. He had the human virtues of Jesus of Nazarene. In the early years, the co-workers’ living was rather difficult, yet brother Liu actively served without any complaints or murmurings.

b. Brother Liu was very absolute and actively followed the leadership of the leading brothers, never speaking the remarks of criticism or negative comments, which gives saints and their children a very good example.

c. He was serious in speech and manner, though he looked serious, he loved the saints gently in his heart.

d. In the early year Hualien and Taitung were located in remote area, and the transportation was very inconvenient. Not many churches and not many saints were there. Besides Hualien, he also went to such places as Fenglin, Yuli, Taitung,ect. He lived in each place for one week. At that time, there were no institutions of higher education in eastern part of Taiwan, therefore he also coordinated to serve the children’s work and the young people’s work as in Fenglin Middle School, Hualien Female Middle School

e. From the records in New Way and New Doors, there were also some work on aboriginal Taiwanese, in Yuemei village, Shoufeng, Hualien the number of the attendees of aboriginal Taiwanese had reached one hundred.

Today there are seventeen churches in Hualien and Taitung, the number of saints attending the meetings has reached over than a thousand. All of these come from the issue that brother Zhanxiang Liu and early co-workers overcame all obstacles to set up a better foundation to produce. When we remember those pioneering history, we need to be reminded that we cannot relax. Instead we should stand on these wonderful foundations to empty ourselves and advance actively until the accomplishment of the building up of the Body of Christ that the Lord may come back.

The Church in Hualien

Brother Zhidong Xu

December 2015

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