• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

God Blessing Him and Perfecting His Descendants
to Follow Him to Serve the Lord

Brother Zhanxiang Liu began to serve and preach in the church in Hualien in 1969, but due to the stroke in 1972, he then went to Taipei for treatment in September.

During the period in Hualien, he also cared for the whole Taitung region, including Fenglin and Yuli. He came to Fenglin about once in one or two weeks. It took him an hour and ten minutes by train. After getting off the train he came to my house to ride the bicycle and rode on a stone road to a small meeting hall which was diagonally across the street from Veterans’ Hospital, taking him about half an hour. At that time many brothers were in Veterans’ Hospital, and brother Liu supplied the Word to them. After the meeting he rode back to my house, and we just prepared a bowl of noodles and a can of Apple Sidra for him. There was also a meeting in the meeting hall of Fenglin town at seven o ‘clock in the evening. After the meeting he would take the train back to Hualien.

In those years, general economic condition was poor, there was no phones, so brother Liu had to visited many places personally. The co-workers at that time lived by faith, without any salary, and they also brought their families with them. The church in Fenglin did not know how to care for their living, which owed brother Liu a lot. Brother Liu struggled all his life for the Lord and the church. God blessed him and perfected his descendants to follow him to serve the Lord. Thank the Lord. Glory be to His name!

Sister Yushuang Zheng-Lin

February 24th, 2016

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