• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

He Is Truly the Gospel Messenger of the Lord

Below is the portion that my father’s recollection about brother Liu’s service in Hsinchu district:

When brother Liu served in Hsinchu area, his mainly served the church in Toufen (including Jhunan) and lived in Rengai Meeting Hall. He was humble, low-key, and not make himself known. Just as the Lord’s pattern on the earth, he worked earnestly, silently, hard, and steadfastly without any complaint.

He had a great burden for preaching the gospel. At that time when transportation was not convenient, he always took the slow train to go to the suburbs to server. All time-consuming. But his burden never decreased and often went there gospel preaching. Even when he was transferred to the church in Yilan, he, often wearing the gospel vest, preparing gospel tracts, and bringing his children with him, went to the suburbs to preach the gospel. Even preached as he went. He truly was the Lord’s gospel messenger

Brother Zhongrong Lin,

December 17, 2015

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