• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Loving the Lord Faithfully
and Visiting Saints Diligently

There were five people (my paternal grandmother, parents, elder sister, and me) in our family who were baptized while brother Zhanxiang Liu were shepherding the saints in the church in Gangshan. That was more than fifty years ago. In my memory, two things about brother Liu are unforgettable, which I hereby describe as follows.

On an Old Bike, Tirelessly Visiting Homes

The first thing was that brother Liu were very concerned about the situation of all the brothers and sisters in the church. In my memory, he often rode an old bicycle to tirelessly visit brothers and sisters in their homes, caring for their living condition and having fellowship and prayer with them. This deeply moved the brothers and sisters who were visited, and they also received the grace from the Lord. Our family was often visited by him. Because of his visit of love, my mother and I can love the Lord loyally ’til today.

Accompanying My Mother to Take My Brother
to See the Doctor

The second thing was that brother Liu accompanied my mother to take my younger brother to Pingtung to see a doctor. In the childhood of my first younger brother, he got a kind of disease which was similar to poliomyelitis. He could walk at first, but then gradually he could not walk any longer. At that time my parents took him to many different places to see doctors but he didn’t become better. Later they heard of a secret doctor in Pingtung could cure difficult miscellaneous diseases so that my mother wanted to take my brother to see this doctor. At that time my father could not make time off to go due to his official business. When brother Liu knew about this, he was willing to accompany my mother to take my brother to Pingtung to see the doctor. Back in the day, transportation was not convenient. From Gangshan to Pingtung, they needed to get to Kaohsiung to transfer buses. After arriving at Pingtung, they must still walk for a distance and then they could arrive at the place where the secret doctor was. In this journey my brother needed others to carry him when getting on and off the car and also when walking. Therefore, it was time-consuming and toilsome to see the doctor. That day brother Liu accompanied my mother to take my brother to Pingtung for treatment. When they finally arrived there, they still needed to wait. However, when it was their turn, the doctor was not willing to see him. The reason was that when he knew that my mother was a Christian, and he refused to give treatment, because that secret doctor healed patients by the power of evil spirits. As a result, they went all the way for nothing. My mother had very deep impression on this matter. After so many years she could still remember the love of the Lord Jesus Christ flowing from brother Liu, that moved her greatly.

Brother Liu faithfully loved the Lord and served the Lord all his life, being a good example for us. May we can also follow his footsteps to faithfully love the Lord, visit brothers and sisters often, and shepherd the Lord’s flock in Him, to be the witnesses of the Lord together and build up the Body of the Lord.

Bother Xinying Tang

The church in Las Vegas, USA

December 12, 2015

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