• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

It’s Necessary to Learn from Observation

It’s been five months since we came to Yuanlin and we’ve gradually gotten used to the life here. Today we received a letter from brother Zimo in Hualien and heard of a conference in Taipei. However, I don’t have time to spare because the responsible one in the church, brother Huanwen, is sick and recuperating during this time. In the last one or two months I’ve really wanted to go to Taipei. I have to come to observe and learn. I would come if the Lord grants me an opportunity.

The work in Yuanlin area is similar to that in Yilan while I was there. Some aspects are even not as good as those in Yilan, such as the dilapidated meeting hall. Recently I am considering to make some repairs, otherwise it would be horrible if it collapsed! Once brother Yourong Zhu said before that that if we can’t move meetings away, it would be difficult for construction. May the Lord grant us mercy and leading on this point.

The lessons we’ve learned here are similar to those in Yilan. The work will spread slow, and difficult. However, it not difficult when we are in the spirit. Since the Lord leads us thus, we are willing to submit.

Regarding to the new hymns written by brother Witness, about a half of us can sing them and we learn at least one every week. These hymns are what we especially need. I pray to the Lord that He may pour more blessing upon the church in Taipei and bless the service of His servants. The model is truly important. Without a demonstration of a model, the effect of the enlightening word would not be ideal. This is why my service is difficult in the countryside.

The grace of the Lord be with you.

Brother Zhanxiang Liu

June 28

Mail address: Yuying Road 133 No.1, Yuanlin, Taiwan

Footnote: Every instance of “I” or when he referred to himself. He referred to himself as “Younger brother”. The other Brothers, especially Brother Lee, as “Older brother” as a sign of respect.

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