• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

The Situation of the Meetings in Yuanlin District

Peace to brother Witness and Wuchen in the Lord,

The current situation of the work in Yuanlin area is similar to that in Yilan when I was there. In addition to the meetings in the meeting hall of Yuanlin, there are also one meeting in Sijhou every Friday evening; one meeting in Xihu every Wednesday evening, one prayer meeting in Shetou (for the Hoklo brothers and sisters) every Lord’s day evening, and temporarily one meeting in Tianzhong every Monday evening. I have already been able to use Hokkien in conversation and prayer, though still not fluent, yet I can express myself.

At the beginning of next month, there will be three days of gospel preaching in this church. We have borrowed an empty building with 15 square meters in the center area of Yuanlin town, which can be the temporary place for gospel preaching. May the Lord bless this.

The grace of the Lord be with you.

Brother in the Lord, Zhanxiang Liu

March 24th, 1961

Address: Yuying Road 123-1, Yuanlin, Taiwan.

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