• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Proving the Lord’s Mercy

I arrived at Yilan in the afternoon of 16th, last month and left there in the afternoon of 24th. During my 8-day staying in Yilan, I sermoned five times, and preached the gospel four times. Although few people were there, the Lord’s presence could be clearly felt. Since the meeting hall in Yilan was damaged by the typhoon, then churches both at home and elsewhere had been consecrating more for the rebuilding of Yilan meeting hall. Both its firmness and outward aesthetics are better than before. As I reached Yilan, I felt very happy once I saw this new meeting hall. (The original meeting hall in Yilan cannot last over a year, even if it has not been destroyed by typhoon. Since it was built very simply with wood at first. It has been used for over ten years.) This really proved that the Lord had mercy and cared for the few saints in this place. Although there are few saints now, the Lord’s testimony is maintained and continued here.

In the afternoon of 24th (the Lord’s day), I left Yilan passed by Huanlien where brother Zimo asked me to stay from the evening of 24th to the evening of 27th. During this period of time, I attended four meetings, and the atmosphere of the meetings was fairly good. Then I returned to Gangshan via Taitung.

Brother Zhanxiang Liu, in the Lord

March 2, 1963

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