• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

The Need to Learn Again

I have received your letter on March 31. We need to worship Lord for His fresh leading of you. You have completed the procedures to work in the factory and officially have become a clerk of that factory. All these aspects showed us the Lord’s hand.

All meetings in the Church of Yilan, except one message meeting in the morning of the Lord’s day are church meetings. All these church meetings took place in the evening four times a week. Although there were few people, the Lord’s presence can be felt in every meeting.

In the Church of Suao, though they have around ten people attending the meeting regularly, their situation toward the Lord is fairly good and their spiritual living supplied me as well. The meetings in several places were held either in dilapidated straw huts, or in brothers’ homes, or even in the open fields and wilderness. As far as I am concerned, every morning our brothers spend time with the Lord and fellowship with the Lord in various places in Lanyang district such as mountain areas or seaside. They are really the lilies in the wilderness and their beauty is just for the Lord to appreciate.

The brothers in this area have a great mobility, for this reason, I feel that it is very hard for the brothers to build up and coordinate together. Furthermore, the gospel work cannot be spread among the Hoklo people. Please remember this matter with me before the Lord.

Brother in Him

Zhanxiang Liu

April 3, 1958

Address: 85 Weishui Road, Yilan, Taiwan

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