• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Confirming the Preciousness of the Vision

Peace to brother Witness in the Lord:

I had a deep feeling within that the general situation of the so-called Christianity on earth today has not only been desolate, but has really been in chaos. I worshipped the Lord deep from within that He has put me on the way of life. What a mercy it is! This was not because I was better than others, yet it was truly that how great a mercy I have received from the Lord. Today the outward desolation exactly confirmed How real and precious the vision we have seen inwardly. Because of vision I have received, I consecrated myself again unconditionally to the Lord in this way that He may work on me. Although there were various difficulties outwardly, that really cause me to experience that ” walk and become weary,” and ” strength to strength .”

During New Year this year, we had preached the gospel for a few days respectively in three places in Yilan, Yueming new village, Neicheng Village. During the four days (from New Year’s Day to January 4th), we had preached the gospel for eleven times. Saints who participated in the gospel numbered at around 80 to 90. The total number of the gospel friends listening was around 60 to 70. We have done whatever we can do. Although the obvious outcome of the gospel preaching was slight, their hearts toward the Lord was much better than before. In particular, all those saints who having attended the last meeting concerning the messages of the building up in Taipei, are of one spirit, that they were willing to receive the building in the Body, and to learn to coordinate and serve. Here all these things also made me see that the messages of the building up were truly out of God’s will. Here has the Lord’s blessing.

After preaching the gospel, I had another aspect of the feeling that it seemed to me to see whatever related to the work of building up needed fighting. Hymn # 960 says, “The thorns upon the road but help / Me onward to my prize.” (that is, receiving the building) actually subdued me that I am willing to allow the Lord to work on me and move forward according to the vision I have received. I am wondering when will you leave Taiwan? I am afraid that I cannot come to see you off! Because currently I need to take care of five places and attend the formal meeting over twelve times. I am willing to be with you in my prayer that you may reveal to the whole earth the greatest and fullest intention of God.

Sincerely yours

Brother Zhanxiang Liu in the Lord

March 9

Address: 85 Road Weishui, Yilan, Taiwan

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