• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Meeting Situation in Rural Yilan

Aside from the meeting in Yilan city, Neicheng village and Jiaoxi both have meetings. Neicheng village is approximately ten kilometers away from Yilan city, where all the brothers who meet there are veterans. In the past, the brothers rented a really tiny shelter straw hunt with forty NT dollars, that can only fit around twenty people. Now, with a hundred NT dollar rent, they were able to rent a plain little bungalow to meet in that can fit around sixty people. These veteran brothers have very low income, yet they’re willing to set much aside for the Lord. This is truly God showing his richness upon the poor. Now brother Zhanxiang went to meet with them twice a week. They also have their own pray-reading daily.

There are over ten brothers in Jiaoxi. At first they meet in a little hut in a forest up on the hill. Recently, those brothers managed to rent a plain little house from the local farmers for free. With rocks for seats every meeting, thee Lord’s presence can be felt. They also have pray-reading daily, have a zealous heart for the Lord.

In February 1, seven brothers were baptized here. Though not many, but their feelings for the Lord is very good.

This church has post marked a hundred NT dollars for the Church, please accept.

Brother in the Lord, Zhanxiang Liu, Naiqin Lin, Yongsheng Huang

February 12, 1959

Address: Weishui Road 85, Yilan, Taiwan.

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