• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Realizing More on the Importance
of the Ground of the Church

As soon as I returned to Yilan since the co-workers’ meeting, I gathered the brothers and sisters from several places for a few days’ meeting concerning the matter of the ground of our church. Firstly, I mentioned the relationship between our past blessings and the ground and then the relationship between our ground and our future testimony. These words were very necessary for the brothers and sisters. The commission that the God’s servant, brother Witness, has received before God is truly too great, and his burden is truly too heavy that we could only remember him in our prayer.

Concerning the gospel of the church in Taipei in the middle of September, the churches here and I have honored before the Lord. It’s truly a spiritual warfare, and I am willing to accept any arrangement from the brothers concerning the gospel work.

The grace of the Lord be with you.

Brother in the Lord, Zhanxiang Liu

June 22nd, 1959

Address: Weishui Road 85, Yilan, Taiwan.

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