• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Recent Situation of Brothers in Lingjiao

Last August, the Lord set us, these veterans in rehabilitation here, was of His good pleasure. This is a remote place which is 15 li away from Suao and close to mountains and sea. As far as the gospel is concerned, it is still a piece of undeveloped and barren land. After brothers came back from the building-up meeting in Taipei last November, we are willing to have some learning on service and coordination. Brother Liu in the church in Yilan came to speak to us three times or at least once every week. We preached the gospel for four days after New Year’s, from January 1st to 4th. There were not many saved, but we learned good lessons on service through gospel preaching this time. Wearing the gospel vests, we went through several nearby villages. Because the villagers had never heard the gospel, they looked at us with wonder. Two brothers who are fluent in Hokkien, preached the gospel to them house by house. We felt very joyful inward in such service.

We have the Bible-reading meeting in the dining hall of the hospital every Monday and Thursday evening. Every Lord’s Day morning there are preaching meetings in Dachen dialect in the meeting hall in Yueming new village where Dachen islanders live. This meeting hall is rented with sixty-five NT dollar per month and can hold forty people at full capacity. If there is more people, we add stools outside. This meeting hall is about one li away from the hospital, so our normal meetings are mostly here. Every Lord’s Day morning we have preaching meetings. Every Friday afternoon brother Zhanxiang Liu come here to preach the Word. Every Tuesday and Saturday we have the Bible-reading meeting and the fellowship meeting respectively. The largest meeting has went over 60 people. Due to the transfer to other hospitals and employment, many left last month so the number has been reduced by more than half. In this last age, may the Lord bring the seed of the gospel to these remote areas through us.

From all the brothers at Lingjiao Veteran hospital

February 10th, 1959

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