• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Through Consecration and Coordination,
Built Own Meeting Hall

On 23rd of last month there was 11 brothers and 3 sisters being baptized in the church in Yilan. During the Chinese New Year, there were 6 times of gospel preaching in two places in Yilan’s suburbs. There were four edifying meetings in the meeting hall of Yilan, and the center of the messages was life and building. Although there were few in the audience, the word could still be released due to some proper audience there.

In Neicheng village which was 18 km away from Yilan, there are more than 30 veteran brothers. At No. 8 Neicheng Road in this village, they have built by themselves one meeting hall with bricks, which can hold 70 people and has been completed, ready for meetings in the new meeting hall. Among the local brothers, many consecrated all their scanty livelihood, amounting to 7000 NT dollars. This fund was all used for buying materials for the meeting hall. All the labor was done in the organic coordination of brothers by themselves. I was deeply moved by their consecration and service in this way. He has mercy on those who respect Him, and has exalted the humble, the hungry He has filled with good things. The works that He manifests on the poor cause men to worship Him from deep within!

The second batch of training is coming, and I look to the Lord that I may truly be shown mercy during the training.

The Lord’s grace be with you

Brother Zhanxiang Liu in the Lord

February 10th, 1960

Mail address: Weishui Road 85, Yilan, Taiwan

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