• Bro. Zhanxiang Liu •

Where There Is No Vision,
the People Cast off Restraint

These messages released in this special meeting are indeed what we needed. In the past, we were familiar with the term “building” but lack of understanding of the reality of the building. If we use the light in these messages to shine upon all our life, work, service, etc. in the past, it can be said to be desolate. We are not willing to hide the failure of our past, we are willing to be ones who receive mercy and light. “Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint”, which is truly the reason of all our problems in the past. After we heard these messages, our feeling seemed contradictory. On the one hand, we meet a too big thing in the universe, which is the vision of the glorious New Jerusalem, how bright and strong; however, on the other hand, the light is as weak as the morning star in the way of practice. Therefore, regarding these glorious messages, on the one hand, we worship God that He gives us the practical way in the future. On the other hand, we are full of fear and trembling so as to seek for Himself in everything.

There were altogether more than 20 brothers and sisters who attended the conference in Lanyang area. We felt the mercy of God in fellowship and prayer, the way ahead is especially important. Recently in the meeting we tried to touch some messages about “building”, in which the conference messages were the main body along with some practical matters. There was still the presence of the Lord in the past few meetings. “Mobility” and “dispersibility” is a prevailing phenomenon of the brothers and sisters in Yilan area, compounded with fact that the rainy season has come recently, which will last for several months. So we need more learning and more mercy of the Lord in service in coordination. Recently we have felt the books of Nehemiah and Ezra are very valuable. It was impossible that there would be no difficulties in rebuilding the temple, and the holy city, although there was “the good hand of God” upon them, the difficulties would not decrease. However, the God who lead Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, etc. will also lead us on the way of rebuilding. We are very weak and poor. So please remember us in intercession and supply us, and we will be more than thankful and hopeful.

Fourteen veteran brothers from Yilan and Suao were filled with joy in their hearts after attending the conference. Not only they were enlighten by the messages, but also got supply about the service of the saints. They were deeply grateful to God. May God gain what He wants on them. The Lord’s grace be with you.

Your brothers in the Lord,

Lin Naiqing, Zhanxiang Liu, Huang Yongshen

November 19

Mailing Address: Weishui Road 85, Yilan, Taiwan

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